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Today arrived cold and rainy so I set up my heater, made some coffee, and snuggled under a blanket to finish my book. My review is below and while I enjoyed the story very much I have to say the author was guilty of one of my reading peeves, no chapters! The entire 369 page book was all one chapter! There are some breaks in the story where the reader can stop and start again, but I really like being able to stop with a chapter.

I don’t know if anyone is reading these musings as of yet, but if you are, do you have any reading peeves?


It was supposed to be a fun Mexican vacation, but then two American couples befriend a German and three Greeks and find their lives changed forever. When the German says his brother had gone to an Archeological site and had not returned, he asks the four Americans to join him on a sort of rescue mission. When they arrive at the secluded spot they find more than they bargained for with an unknown horror which might be out to kill them.

I decided to purchase this novel as I had heard many vloggers saying it was on their must read lists and, happily, I was not disappointed. The story grabs you from the beginning and takes you on a journey like no other. What I really liked about the book was the fact that you really weren’t sure about the “killer” for much of the novel. If you like suspense with a bit of horror mixed in then The Ruins would be a good choice.

Well, I’m off to read a book on my Kindle from a group called Hidden Gems. This is a site where you can request to read books from specific genres for free in exchange for an Amazon review. I like their process as they give you a week to read and review the book and if you don’t like it you have the option of giving them a reason without a review. If you are interested they can be found at https://www.hiddengemsbooks.com/

Until tomorrow, Good Night and Good Reading!


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