Red Clocks RED CLOCKS by Leni Zumas

In an alternate near future women cannot get abortions, birth control is illegal, and very soon single people cannot adopt. This story follows five women who face this future with different problems. A daughter who wants to abort, a wife who wants no more children, an herbalist who still wants women to have a choice, a teacher/writer who desperately wants a child, and an 18th Century explorer, whom the writer is researching, that lives an independent life as a “man”.

This could be called A Handmaid’s Tale for a new generation. The problem is, it is not that farfetched given the current political opinions in our country. The author blends each story with ease and talent. Each character is complex and realistic, something I have often found lacking in books with many stories going at once.

I very much enjoyed this book and would highly recommend it to those interested in women’s stories and alternative futures.

Endurance ENDURANCE by Scott Kelly

What is it like to live for a year in space? That is what Kelly explains, along with the story of how he became an astronaut.

I read this with my husband who is much more interested in space travel than I am (although I really like science fiction). I was a little disappointed as I thought the book would include what it was like to return to earth and how his body and health was changed by his year in space and it did not. I did learn a few fun facts: space has a smell, getting into a spacesuit takes much longer than they show in the movies, and your eyesight is altered after even a little time in space.

The book was pretty interesting, but at times seemed to drag. I would say those with an interest in the space program would enjoy this, but those wanting to know the effects of extended journeys into space might be disappointed.

I am actually pretty proud of myself getting two books read through a migraine, yay me! I am almost done with one other, but will probably add it to tomorrow’s post.

In addition to being a voracious I am an avid movie fan with a huge home video library. I will, from time to time, list some of the films I watch if they could be construed as literary related.

I finally saw Black Panther and Blade Runner 2049 this week. I really wanted to like both of these films and have to say I was a bit disappointed. While Black Panther was a beautiful film I thought the storyline was weak and there were just too many long fight sequences, I even fell asleep for a short period in the theater. Blade Runner 2049 was visually interesting, but there were so many scenes which begged the question, “Was that really necessary?” I think both of these films needed a little more editing as they may have been better at the 2 hour mark rather than 2.15 and 2.45 respectively. I have read both the comic book and the book for these films and would recommend them, but would have to say see both of the movies at home so you can pause and break up the monotony.

That’s all for today, I am off to finish my next read and might just go see another movie tonight.

Until tomorrow, Good night and Good reading!


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